Monday, May 22, 2017

Benefits of Wooden Baseball Bats

The Benefits of Wooden Baseball Bats The debate over which type of baseball bats are "better," aluminum or wood, seems to be never ending. In reality, the debate has been occurring for about 40 years - aluminum bats were first introduced in the 1970s. Although aluminum bats tend to be cheaper, wooden bats have many advantages as well. Well take a close look at some of these below.

First, let's look at skill development: the most important advantage of wooden bats is that they will make a player much better in the long-run. When using a wooden bat the player must ensure the ball comes into contact with the small "sweet spot" of the bat (called "barreling up"). They will also learn to avoid bad pitches in order to not damage the bat; again, this will improve their game and their chances of a good hit.

Next, although aluminum bats tend to launch the ball farther (well look at that later), hitting a home run with a wooden bat demonstrates genuine prowess. There's a joke about aluminum bats - that the whole thing is a sweet spot. They have a much larger sweet spot area than wooden bats, making it easier to hit the ball "well" but making that less impressive to people who recognize the differences.

Let's look at the issue of performance in depth. There are a few reasons that professional baseball players use wooden bats; one of them is that aluminum bats give an unfair advantage. This isn't a benefit, but rather leads to a number of drawbacks. Due to their aluminum composition, these bats have a "trampoline effect" which propels a ball faster and further than a wooden bat would. Using a wooden bat requires much more skill than using an aluminum bat.

Another advantage of wooden bats over aluminum bats is that they can be used in colder weather conditions - aluminum bats are prone to denting in temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that those who live in colder climates, such as the northern United States or Canada, will be replacing their aluminum bats much more frequently than wooden bats, offsetting the supposed money-saving benefit of these bats.

Baseball is a game of skill, and it's impossible to measure skill without keeping a tab on statistics. Because aluminum bats did not exist until the 1970s, major league baseball players use wooden bats partly due to the fact that they would easily be able to eclipse the records of old players because of the unfair advantage discussed above. In order to maintain the integrity of the sport, using wooden bats is a great option.

Overall, many people will claim that it's clear that aluminum bats are better than wooden ones. However - and not just for tradition's sake - wooden bats tend to be the superior option. This is the case especially when it comes to training. Players should at least use a wooden bat for practice since this will greatly improve their skill.


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